The IBS primary section provides early opportunities for young learners to develop early language and literacy skills in English in a natural approach through active learning for pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Students develop knowledge through the school´s well-designed curriculums linked with Content Standards in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Study from the State Board of Education of California and the Ministry of Education of Colombia to meet all students´ cognitive needs. 

In pro of the school´s commitment to form bilingual students with a high academic level, it is important to endorse educational continuous improvement, thus by applying teaching strategies through collaborative learning   that aims to identify how to

implement learning strategies to ensure learning development that leads to academic growth. In addition, to the school´s demanding curriculum, we offer the opportunity for students to take Cambridge Young Learner Examination, tests of prestige and international recognition.


The IBS teachers are facilitators that provides rich environment, experiences, and activities to engage students’ participation that will help them examine their learning process and recognize the need to revise their thinking skills to construct new knowledge through the use of the advance educational tools such as laboratory manipulatives, Smart Boards, Language Arts, Science, Math, Colombian Social and ICT platforms, plus students’ 

pedagogical field trips experiences to enhance learning. It is for most important to provide students with an English Shelter environment to enhance English Language Acquisition to connect academic context, linguistic and social needs. These principles are acquired through interdisciplinary project-based learning to promote significant learning.

The projects are designed to help students uncover preconceptions, appreciate ethical and cultural awareness to improve critical thinking and cognitive progress while developing self-confidence.  Young Entrepreneur, Science Fair, Literature Day are a few from the many interdisciplinary projects that are endorsed throughout the scholastic year. In addition, 

Lights Sound Action outstands for its dynamic extravagant performance intended for parents to see firsthand how students embrace interdisciplinary project though entertainment by applying proper voice intonation, mood, and emotion to convey oral communication in English in front of an audience through a diverse range of visual, auditory and dance performance.